It’s All Greek To Me

It’s All Greek To Me – Once apon a time…oh forget it !!! I’m Jenny the GreekGoddess (yeah I wish).I was planted in Greece 31 years ago, and I was transplanted to the US three years ago. You know what they say, You can get a woman out of Greece but you can’t get Greece out of a woman.

Phivos' Greek Diaspora Web List

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7 Responses to “It’s All Greek To Me”

  1. GreekGoddess Says:

    So if I got it right, you’re collecting links of Greeks around the world? Πολύ ενδιαφέρον. :)

  2. phivos Says:

    You’re right GreekGoddess. Thank you.
    Keep the good job!

  3. greekdiaspora Says:

    Thank you GreekGoddess for blogrolling me!

  4. kalliope Says:

    Greetings from a Greek-American blogger. A different perspective from one who spent most of her life in the U.S., significant years in Germany, and wonderful moments in Greece. xoxox Kalliope

  5. Tasos Says:

    how does this site work fukn?

  6. greekdiaspora Says:

    If you were a little more specific, I could answer your question. If it is about, how to list your blog here, well, this is a manual approach, carried out by one person. If you want me to list your blog, I’ll be glad to! Just post a comment here.

    And please, leave your bad greek habits out of your comments. If most of us are living out of Greece, in part is because we had enough of this primitive expression way!

  7. Tasos Says:

    Greekdiaspora, excuse me for my greekness. The greek can leave greece but greece never leaves the greek :). anyway im from melbourne australia and my site is I really like what your doing here and wish you the best of luck… great work!


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